Marketing Masters

Keynote - Steve Napolitan

At Marketing Masters our goal is to educate Eastern Idaho business owners that are heavily involved in their own marketing. Giving them the resources and the knowledge to give their marketing the push it needs to grow their business through social channels, online, local resources, and community. As a sponsor, your money will help us to market to small business owners in our community, bring in fantastic speakers to motivate and educate and put your business upfront in our community. Included in our one day event we will enjoy lunch, hands-on workshops, and speakers selected locally and out of state to bring in a new perspective and experience. This will be a Hybrid Event combining both in-person and online attendance that will be handled by AND X Entertainment. All keynote and breakout sessions will then be available for all attendees on our website for videos and podcasts. Marketing will start February 8th.

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Summit Preview

Marketing Masters Business Summit Series